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with David Beazley
Author of the "Python Essential Reference"
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Target Audience:

This seminar already assumes that you know a lot about Python programming. At a minimum, you should be comfortable with functions, classes, and modules. A background in object-oriented programming will also be useful.

Next Course Date:

  • May 20, 2011. 1:30-5:00pm

Instructor: David Beazley

Price: $250

What's Included?

  • A printed copy of the course notes.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Snacks
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Learn Hard Python the Harder Way

[0.5 day] So you've learned a thing or two about how Python works, but do really know what's going on under the covers? In this afternoon seminar, it's just you and a small group of other programmers with David Beazley as he takes you on an intense no-holds barred three-hour tour of "hard" Python programming topics. These include the design of the object system, inheritance, understanding super(), descriptors, attribute access, function internals, closures, callables, decorators, class decorators, context managers, and metaclasses. Should you survive, you'll walk away with a much better understanding of how libraries and frameworks bend Python to perform all sorts of interesting magic. Just in case things get out of hand, Python core developer Raymond Hettinger will also be on hand to administer first-aid.

Major topics include:

  • A review of Python classes and objects.
  • Internals of the object system.
  • Inheritance and the MRO
  • Diabolical features of super()
  • Customizing attribute access
  • Function objects
  • Function scoping rules
  • Closures
  • Callable objects
  • Decorators
  • Context managers
  • Class decorators
  • Metaclasses

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This is a half-day course presented in a lecture-only seminar format, similar to what you might attend at a conference. The goal is to cover a large amount of material in a short amount of time. See some of Dave's PyCon Presentations for an example.

Note: If you're new to Python and found this page, this is probably not the course you want. Instead, you're probably looking for Zed Shaw's Learn Python the Hard Way.

Course Materials

Students will receive a bound approximately 100-page set of lecture notes and some example code to study.

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