Python Office Hours

Brought to you by David Beazley.

Welcome! I'm pleased to announce a new format for learning and having your Python-related programming questions answered. The Python office hour is a no-nonsense live session, professionally hosted by an expert, and limited to just 20 participants. This small size allows for personal attention and group interaction. It's fun! You'll like it.

Upcoming Sessions

For reminders about upcoming office hour events, please subscribe to the newsletter at or follow the office hour on Twitter @pythonhour.

The office hour is conducted using HPE MyRoom. You will need to install a local client on your machine. However no registration is required. Select the "Enter with Key" option in the client and enter the event code. That's it.

What is it?

The office hour is just 20 participants and an expert hosted in a virtual classroom. The classroom allows for anonymous question posting, voting, screen sharing, polls, chat, voice, video, and more. The session is meant to be lively and interactive--driven by the participants. It is not a webinar, a sales pitch, a prepared video, or some kind of live-coding stream. It's better.

The office hour is designed specifically for learning and interaction. If you merely want to observe, that is fine. If you want to ask a question, you can do so anonymously--there are no dumb questions! If you want to comment, you can do so by audio, video, or chat. All audio/video features are optional. The office hour is not a weird video hangout.


The office hour is FREE! You don't need to register in advance. However, if you want an email reminder you'll need to subscribe to the newsletter or follow @pythonhour on Twitter.

Your Hosts

Data Analytics with Python is hosted by Safia Abdalla. Safia is a data scientist and software engineer with an interest in open source software and technology for social good. She helps build nteract, a NumFOCUS fiscally sponsored open source project, and organizes PyData Chicago.

Beginning Python is hosted by Jeffrey Cohen. Jeff is an independent consultant and entrepreneur. He holds an appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Masters Program in Computer Science at the University of Chicago. He has worked as a software developer for more than 20 years, specializing in the healthcare and retail industries, building both small and large-scale systems.

Intermediate Python is hosted by David Beazley. David has been actively involved with the Python community for more than 20 years and is the author of the Python Essential Reference, the Python Cookbook, and the Python Programming Language LiveLessons (Video). David also offers in-depth Python training courses in Chicago.

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