Online Course Attendance

This page contains information about attending a course online. First and foremost, all courses are strictly limited to 12 attendees. They are live-taught and assume your full involvement during the week (meaning approximately 40 hours of work). There are no pre-recorded videos. I do not operate a MOOC. Do not register for an online course unless you can fully commit time to it.

Questions and Answers

Q: How is a course delivered online?

A: Zoom is used for live presentation, screen sharing, demos, and voice interaction. All other interaction, including code review, debugging, Q&A, and other code-related issues will take place through a shared private GitHub project. Courses are live-taught--not a video.

Q: Will I receive course materials?

A: Yes, all course materials are electronic and include presentation notes.

Q: Will the session be recorded?

A: Partially. I will make an effort to record portions of the session where I am officially presenting lecture notes. However, significant portions of most classes involve individual coding and and project work. That will not be recorded.

Q: When is the course taught?

A: Courses are taught 9:30am-5:30pm in US Central Time with approximately an hour for lunch and a 20 minute afternoon coffee break.

Q: Can I take a course and work my regular job at the same time?

It depends--do you want to finish the course? If the answer is "yes", then the answer to this question should probably be "no." My courses are advanced and demand your attention. If you are attempting to multitask, you will likely fail. It highly recommended that you either ask your employer for time off or time for training and development.