Hardware for a recent
firmware development project

I offer software development, technical consulting, training, and systems analysis in the following areas:

I have significant prior experience working on software projects involving device drivers and low-level control of special purpose hardware. Also, from 1998-2005, I was a tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Chicago where I taught graduate-level courses in Operating Systems and Networks. Take a look at my PyCon 2011 talk for an example of something fun.

At the moment, I am most likely to take on projects related to custom software development for software components, programming libraries, and development tools. Typical projects might include custom firmware development, embedded systems, parsers, domain specific languages, systems integration, performance optimization, etc. I am also available to work on projects related to Python 3 transition.

Occasionally, I work as a technical consultant on legal cases involving copyright and patents. Most of my past work in this area has focused on embedded systems and software written in assembly, C, and C++. I have previously written expert reports, given depositions, and testified in court. Just so you know, I have a Ph.D. in computer science.

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