I have created a number of programming libraries and tools over the years--sometimes useful, sometimes experimental, and sometimes whimsical. My general attitude towards "free software" is similar to the concept of a "free puppy." As in, you're free to take my code, give it a caring home, and teach it some interesting new tricks. However, its continued care and feeding is now your responsibility. Unless noted, none of my libraries involve third-party dependencies. Thus, you're just getting the puppy, not a puppy, a guinea-pig, and a snake.

A Note About Software Packages

I no longer release software via package manager (i.e., PyPI or similar). If you want the latest version of any code listed here, you'll need to download it from the project GitHub page. I realize this is a controversial take with respect to open source, but it's mainly about managing priorities. My main interests are teaching and my family, not being the maintainer of someone's critical dependency. Thus, you'll just have to respect that. I am, however, a big proponent of remixing and reusing code. If want to take one of these projects and make it part of a greater package that you or others maintain, go for it! Just make sure you give appropriate credit.

Useful Projects

Experimental Projects

Look at these for inspiration.

Whimsical Projects

Mainly useful for messing with people who so desperately deserve it...

Pssst... you should take a class. Yes, you.

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