Online Training

Although most known for teaching in-person courses, Dabeaz has conducted nearly 50 online/virtual courses over the last 10 years. These have mainly been taught to corporate clients. However, the following public online courses are currently offered.

Practical Python Programming

A class on the core Python programming language and standard library with a focus on applying Python to problems in data analysis, automation, and scripting. This course assumes no prior experience with Python, but assumes that participants already know how to program in another programming language. It is especially well-suited for developers who are coming into Python from another programming language.

Next offering: TBD, 2018.

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Python Data Handling - A Deeper Dive

Manipulating data is a core part of writing almost any Python program. To represent data, Python provides a small collection of built-in types such as lists, sets, dictionaries, and classes. Additionally, there are useful objects in the standard collections module that are commonly used to solve a variety of data-related problems. Finally, there are third party libraries such as numpy and Pandas that provide additional data handling resources. In this live training, we’re going to take a deeper look at data representation in Python. Topics will include performance tradeoffs, common programming idioms, and details about Python’s underlying object model.

This course is offered through O'Reilly Safari Online. Information about the last course can be found here.

Next Offering: TBD, 2018

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