Advanced Python Mastery

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Instructor:David Beazley

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  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Course materials
  • Python Cookbook, 3rd Ed.

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This course is no longer offered. Take a look at Advanced Programming with Python instead.


This is a no-holds barred course that aims to cover the entirety of the core Python language. Major themes include advanced data manipulation, object oriented programming, metaprogramming, design tradeoffs, customization features, and knowing how Python works under the hood.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at Python programmers who want to move beyond the realm of small scripts into the land of libraries, frameworks, and large applications. If you've used various frameworks and wondered about their magic, this course will peel back the layers and explain the mysteries. You'll walk away with a new awareness for what's possible in your own programs.

Instruction Format

Each course day consists of a mix of prepared presentation and hands-on programming exercises. Plan to spend at least 4-5 hours each day working on the exercises and using Python. The course is fully supported by a 580-page guidebook, exercise solutions, and materials to allow further review and study upon course completion.


This course assumes a working knowledge of Python programming. You should already know know to write and debug programs and be generally familiar with core language features such as functions, classes, and modules. Some prior background with object-oriented programming is also advised.


About the Instructor

The course is taught by David Beazley, author of the Python Essential Reference, 4th Edition (Addison Wesley) and Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition (O'Reilly Media). David has been actively involved with the Python community since 1996 and was one of the early pioneers of using Python with scientific software. From 1998-2005, he was an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago.

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