On-site Training

Dabeaz, LLC offers the following training courses which can be taught on-site or in a virtual format. They are also offered on an ongoing basis in Chicago.

About The Courses

These courses have been developed by David Beazley, a 21-year Python programming and education veteran. Dave is the author of "Python Essential Reference, 4th Ed." (Addison-Wesley) and the "Python Cookbook, 3rd Ed." (O'Reilly Media). Dave has a Ph.D. in computer science and previously spent seven years teaching operating systems, networks, and compilers as a tenure-track professor at the University of Chicago. Here's what to expect if you take a course:

Sample Talks and Materials

Here are a few recent conference presentations.

A wide variety of technical presentations can be found on SpeakerDeck. Courses are comparable in technical depth, but additionally include a large number of hands-on exercises that puts concepts into practice.

Past Clients

More than 300 training courses have been conducted since 2007. Notable past clients have included:

Schedule a Course

To schedule a course at your place of business, send an email to "dave" at "dabeaz.com". Classes are typically scheduled 8-32 weeks in advance.

Are you looking for Python training for just yourself or a friend? Check out the Chicago courses which are open to anyone and which offer a completely unique training experience.